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    Pre-Marital Counseling

    Are you wondering if you have “found the one? Are you contemplating marriage?

    “Prepare/Enrich” is the  #1 premarital and marriage assessment worldwide for over 35 years.  Globally over 4 million relationships have been strengthened through Prepare/Enrich’s techniques.

    As a certified Prepare/Enrich therapist, we have access to their insightful research-based questionnaires, which will allow us to see the strengths and growth areas in your relationship. From there we determine which tools are needed to make concrete changes that you learn before you take the next big step.

    Studies indicate that premarital counseling is a helpful way to improve your communication and conflict management skills while increasing your overall relationship quality and satisfaction. Couples who engage in premarital counseling have a more realistic view of marriage and a deeper level of commitment to each other. These couples reported having an easier adjustment to married life than those who didn’t participate in premarital counseling.

    If you would like me to show you how counseling and pre-marital counseling could create lasting, positive change for you and your partner, please contact us today for an appointment.