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    Child Therapy

    Are you concerned about your child’s behaviors? Does your child show strong emotions that are difficult to navigate? Do you find yourself becoming like your own parents, something you vowed never to do? Are you more frustrated with parenting than enjoying the process? Has your child endured a recent trauma? Is your child adjusting to two different households? You, your child and family are not alone.

    Child counseling is a crucial time of working with your child to improve self-esteem,  learn social skills, enhance problem solving abilities, cope with strong emotions including traumatic events, express feelings and thoughts in healthy ways, and begin to learn healthy thinking patterns.

    Child therapy is for the child while also being for the parent’s and family.  Through this process, we work closely with parents to help them learn: skills to manage stress, how to increase positive family involvement, tools to promote healthy communication, and tools for behavior modification. Our goal is to help you as a parent learn techniques that will provide positive outcomes for your family.

    At Genesis counseling we are experienced experts when it comes to child therapy. Whether we choose Play Therapy Techniques, or more traditional age appropriate talk therapy, we offer you and your child tools to transform thinking and behaviors at a critical and foundational stage of your child’s development

    If this sounds like you

    • Uneasy about your child’s behaviors
    • Not sure if what you are seeing is “normal”
    • Frustrated with not knowing how to set effective limits
    • Joyless in your parenting
    • Turning into your parents
    • Adjusting to new life circumstances

    Then child and/or family counseling may be right for you. We have many years of experience helping other families in similar circumstances find answers to their parenting dilemmas and find joy in their role as a parent.