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    Couples Counseling

    Are you dissatisfied with the level of connection with your partner? Do you wish you felt closer but are tired of the risk of trying? Do you feel like giving up? Is there an issue surrounding a lack of faithfulness, money, being a parent, the in-laws, or work?

    Or maybe you’d both just love to connect on a deeper level?

    Let’s face it, marriage is difficult, after all, it’s two very different people living life together day in day out, and facing major decision making and years of hopes and hurdles, between careers, children, finances, sex, in-laws, that explains why half of us decide to throw in the towel (American Psychological Association 2019, statistic). Is this the answer? We also know that second and subsequent marriages fair even poorer (with more than 60% of those ending in divorce). And of those that do divorce, over half of those couples wished they hadn’t, having learned the hard way the grass is not always greener. Each relationship will have its own complexities, joys, and challenges. So what is the answer? Are there ways of changing this trend?

    That’s where marriage counseling comes in:

    Whether aimed at addressing small issues or dealing with potentially relationship-breaking challenges, therapy can help you learn to value, hear, and connect to the person you’ve been with all along.

    In a non-judgmental, supportive environment, you and your partner’s individual concerns and difficulties are met with evidence-based techniques and therapies to build confidence, openness, and respect. We use proven techniques from “Emotion Focused Therapy”, the “Gottman Method”, as well as “Prepare/Enrich.” These techniques involve the learning of hands-on skills that you can use to increase engagement with your partner in ways that are purposeful, meaningful, and build connection back into your relationship.

    Couples counseling becomes an empowering process for both you and your partner. We’ll work together to give you tools to use for the long haul.

    If any of these sound like your relationship…

    – You and your spouse don’t communicate honestly or with respect

    – You, or your partner, have had a betrayal of trust

    – You live like roommates rather than lovers

    – You feel isolated and alone

    – You are together only because of your children

    – You’d love a wonderful life together

    – You both genuinely want to improve your relationship

    Then couples counseling is for you.

    By encouraging honest, empathetic communication and using evidence-based strategies and skills that aid hearing, healing, and clarity, couples counseling becomes an empowering process for both you and your partner.

    When both partners are provided the right tools, appropriate approaches, and healthy insights, relationship frustrations often ease or disappear. Problems become manageable, validation and openness increase, and mature communication paves the way for a calmer, happier relationship and the healthiest way forward together.