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    I’ve never talked to anyone. I feel like I should be able to solve my own problems.

    Everyone needs help now and then. It takes great strength to admit a need and to seek help. We need one another to assist us in seeing things from a different perspective and to assist us in being accountable for our change. You already have some strengths that you’ve used before, and for whatever reason, they aren’t working right now. Perhaps this problem feels overwhelming and is making it difficult to access your past strengths. In our work together, we help you identify what those strengths are and how to implement them again in what is happening now.

    What’s the difference between talking to you or my best friend or family?

    A mental health professional can help you approach your situation in a new way– teach you new skills, gain different perspectives, listen to you without judgment or expectations. Furthermore, therapy is completely confidential.  A therapist is a trained, objective outsider who can provide insights that are researched based and helpful. In therapy your concerns will be met professionally, confidentially and succinctly.

    How long/often will we meet?

    Counseling sessions, both online and in-person are based on a 50- minute therapy hour. Initially, sessions are scheduled in weekly or every other week increments, depending on the situation. As goals are attained and symptoms are relieved through the use of therapy skills, session are scheduled further and further apart.  Counseling is one of those professions where our job is to work ourselves out of a job. Of course there is a lot of variety in the number of sessions needed. It depends on what the concerns are that first brought you into therapy.

    Why shouldn’t I just take medication?

    The job of medication is to treat symptoms. Our work together is designed to explore the root of the issue, dig deep into your behavior and teach strategies that can help you accomplish your personal and/or relational goals. Medication can be effective and is sometimes needed in conjunction with therapy.

    What do I do in sessions?

    Because each person has different issues and goals for therapy, therapy will be different depending on the individual. we tailor our therapeutic approach to your specific needs. Your active participation and dedication is crucial to your success.  It’s the work you do outside of our sessions that will really help you see your personal growth and development.

    My partner and I are having problems. Should we be in individual counseling or come together?

    If you are concerned about your relationship, and you would both like to work with one of us, we would initially work with both of you together. After this work, if one of you would like to continue in individual sessions, we could work with only one of you. It is not always helpful to move from individual into couple’s work with the same therapist because of potential trust issues.

    Don’t see your question here?

    Please contact us for a free 15 minute phone consultation where your therapy questions can be answered.