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    Individual Counseling 

    Do you wonder how life got to be this way? Do you question if there is something more? Are you struggling to make a life decision, unsure of which way to turn? Do you feel like joy, love, and other positive emotions have been sucked from your life? You are not alone.

    Individual counseling is a confidential means of working through life’s toughest questions and situations. We will guide you through your quest for answers that satisfy and are freeing.

    We are experienced experts in researched-based methodologies that can transform your thinking, behaviors, and life. Best practice solutions such as Cognitive-Behavioral, Solution-Focused, and Psychodynamic therapy offer you tools to navigate and change your life.

    Whether you are controlled by anxious thoughts, depressed and overwhelmed feelings, or a past trauma that does not relent, there is freedom, wholeness, and a way forward for you.

    We have helped countless people gain positive ground over their life circumstances in a safe, supportive environment. We offer a variety of therapeutic approaches to best support you. We work to collaborate with you in your treatment and healing.

    If this sounds like you

    • My mind will not let me rest
    • I cannot sleep
    • I find it hard to get out of bed in the morning
    • I am confused about a major life decision
    • I do not have energy and do not look forward to things
    • I have recurring memories of painful events
    • For no reason, I can be brought right back to a difficult memory

    Then individual counseling may be right for you. We have many years of experience helping others in similar circumstances, find the freedom, peace, and forward movement in life they have been looking for.

    If you have questions please contact us for a free 15-minute phone consultation.