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  • Navigating School Challenges: Coping with Stress and Pressure

    In the second part of our series, we’ll explore effective strategies for managing stress and pressure that often accompany the demands of school life. By equipping students and parents with practical tools, we can foster a resilient mindset and promote mental well-being.

    Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques:
    Introduce mindfulness exercises to help students stay present and manage stress. Breathing exercises, meditation, and progressive muscle relaxation and prayer can all be valuable tools in their mental health toolkit. There are many free apps available to assist you and your student to daily find time for mindfulness meditation. Even 10 minutes a day, can make a big difference. 

    Time Management and Prioritization:
    Teach your child effective time management skills to avoid feeling overwhelmed. This can be modeled by the daily routine you are trying to establish. Daily check ins will keep you on top of your child’s assignments and other demands on their time. Break tasks into manageable chunks, prioritize assignments, and incorporate regular breaks to prevent burnout.