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    Enrich 3 Day Marriage Boot Camp

    Look Familiar….?

    Housemates instead of lovers?

    Emotional distance and emptiness?

    “Til death do us part” doesn’t sound too bad?

     More anger than kindness?  

      Would you like to……?

      Increase connection?

      Increase relational confidence?

      Be teammates, not enemies?

      Honor your differences?  


    3 Day “Enrich Marriage Boot Camp” is for you!

    This 3-day marriage boot camp is based on the world’s leading marriage enrichment program, “Prepare Enrich”.  #

    Each individual will fill out the Prepare/Enrich marital inventory before Boot Camp. The survey assesses 12 key aspects of your marriage, including:

    • Personality Characteristics
    • Communication Styles
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Sex and Affection
    • Leisure Activities
    • Spiritual Beliefs

    The results will be used during the boot camp, for couples to understand one another more deeply, and to learn tools to build on their opportunity areas.

    Prepare/Enrich has been the worlds leading marriage inventory for over 35 years. It’s been used at least 4 million times, and has been translated and used in 12 different languages.

     *3 days/ 5 hours daily of interactive,  fun, solid marriage input.

     *Small group environment, maximum of 3 couples.

     *Prepare/Enrich analysis of your strengths and  opportunities.

     *Experienced Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist guiding you.

     *3 Days, 15 hours, $1,500.00/Couple. Time and money saving.

    A year’s worth of therapy in 3 carefully constructed days.

    Contact Shelly Christy, MA, LMFT

    Please use the Contact button or call 623-225-9946 for more information.

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    Enrich Marriage Boot Camp

    Daily Topics

    Day 1: 

    Stress and Marriage

    Personality Traits


    Conflict Resolution

    Seeking and Granting Forgiveness

    Day 2:

    Financial Management

    Sex and Affection

    Relationship Roles

    Spiritual Beliefs

    Leisure Activities

    Day 3: 

    Marriage Expectations

    Children and Parenting

    Couple and Family Maps

    Q & A: Where do we go from here?